I have found in my different experiences that it is very exciting and satisfying working with brides and it is a creative and psychological work in understanding the needs of each bride and I love to help my brides to see their beauty once we have finished.

Working with clients from different cultures and different areas from Russia to Ireland, from America to China, help's me to understand what all women in the world want:  to excel in their femininity.


My aim is to enhance the natural beauty of the woman I have in front of me.

I am thrilled and pleased to see that the bride is very satisfied and happy to be admired by all on one of the most beautiful days of her life.

For special occasions such as your wedding, I will be available to you with a customized offer, which may include make-up test,the final make-up, hairstyle, make up for your bridesmaids and family.



The area of service are:Naxos and Cycladic islands,Greece.

I will also be available to travel to different cities which will include traveling abroad.

I have full speaking and reading knowledge in English, Spanish and Greek.



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